Preserving Freedom USA

Learn, live, and wear your freedom
A Course & Class That Change Everything

Secure the most vital knowledge we can have as Americans through stories, passages and Principles. Online courses and classes designed for students and families.   

Liberty Lives in the Home

We cannot defend what we do not know. 

Every American family should know the meaning, history, and significance of the Principles and Governance that keep us free, inspire us to be great, and ground us in wisdom.

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Wear Your Freedom

Clothes that represent a great nation, good people, timeless principles, and a remarkable history. Classy, comfortable, casual, and Constitutional: America never goes out of style.

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Not only are the clothes high quality, but the messaging behind it is really what I enjoy most!

Jordan K.

Los Angeles, CA


I love my navy Freedom Hoodie! Fits so well and I've gotten many compliments.

Kaden P.

Morristown, NJ


I did not understand how remarkable our history was until this course. I appreciate this country so much more!

Annie B.

Morris Plains, NJ


Preserve freedom baby! That is what the brand stands for. I love my tank top, so comfy and I know it stands for something more than just clothes.

Evan L.

Gettysburg, PA