A Better, More Human Way to Learn our Founding

The Founding Principles Live cohort-based class will clarify and accelerate your son's or daughter's ability to think freely and deeply; while building a passion and confidence in discussing and defending the "Big Ideas" of the American & Western traditions. Skills that will become more valuable and compound with consistency as they continue into college and adulthood. 

Read, Write, Discuss, Think!

Foster deep thinking by reading primary sources which are grouped not chronologically, but thematically, and by writing and discussing the good and profound principles of the American Founding.

Teacher Led, Student Centered

A great teacher is a coach and facilitator, one that motivates, challenges, and brings out the best in their students. Students are guided through the content through video lesson, then meet virtually with a teacher and peers to dive deeper into the concepts and practice essential skills.

Freedom to Learn

Most history courses move rapidly and chronologically as the teacher attempts to "cover" a period of time. This course was intentionally designed to allow students to explore timeless themes and principles. Students leave with a deep understanding of the "big picture" that will not be forgotten.

Serious Learning Community

We want students and families who want to be here so that they can challenge their minds, cultivate their spirits, and foster a love of learning. This is not a civics/history class to be "checked off the box" but rather a place for motivated students (regardless of "ability") to push themselves and have fun doing so.

Think Critically

Analyze and interpret real meaning and perspectives from our history and principles.

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Work together to analyze texts, connect concepts, and defend the principles.

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Learn By Doing

Intepreting, connecting, reflecting, articulating: all skills that improve with practice.

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For our inaugural semester, class is every Tuesday from Sept. 13th - December 13th from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm Est.

Classes are capped at 20 students to ensure high quality discussion and engagement from everyone.

Currently this class is for students between the ages of 13-18 or Freshman - Senior High School. Advanced or highly motivated 8th graders can attend as well. In the future we envision having cohorts for college history majors (future teachers), political science majors, and even for adults.

This class is PERFECT for a semester as your core history/civics class. There are more then enough resources through our Learning Guides + videos + weekly classes + access to your instructor and classmates to keep even the most motivated student busy!

Yes! And we are really hoping students do! This class is designed to be what you need while stress-free, powerful, engaging, and profound. We want students to learn to love learning with this class. We want there to be deep and meaningful discussions and written answers that challenge every student to think through these vital principles. We hope students don't let school get in the way of their education with this class!

Technically no. But in anything in life you get what you put into it. One of the goals of this class is flexibility. At a minimum students must attend class having watched the weekly videos. For home school students we encourage you to work through as much of the Learning Guides as you can each week. For students who go to school if you watch the videos and take good notes you will be prepared for the live class discussions. But free feel to crush the Learning Guide material too. Learning is awesome, enjoy thinking!

You can attend a different time slot that week just let the instructor know. Classes are also recorded so you can watch the replay.

No, for this first cohort the course is free and comes with the class! The course and the material that comes with it are the "textbook" that the class is organized around.

No, first students must learn the Founding Principles of the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence. The Constitution is covered in the next course and class that is coming soon!

Yes, you have until the third week of class to ask to be refunded if this isn't the right fit.

If you have any further questions you can email me at info@preservingfreedomusa.com or book a 15-minute call with me here to discuss if this class is a great fit for your son or daughter.