Preserving Freedom USA

Finally, a home for those who desire to learn, live, and wear their freedom.

How Does Freedom Win?
Hearts, Minds & Action

Preserving Freedom means that a culture and society know, value, and defend shared principles and wisdom.

One simply cannot maintain freedom without the knowledge needed for freedom.

Power of One

Anyone who thinks one person can’t make a huge difference hasn’t been paying enough attention. The truth is we need millions of “one person” and “one family” making a difference in their homes, communities and states.

The country often feels divided and that our nation has lost its way. Many of us have either never learned or forgotten the principles that bind us and should guide us. Our hope is that each of you can gain a deep understanding of the nation's founding principles and learn to speak the language of freedom.

Learn freedom, speak freedom, wear freedom, spread freedom, and live freedom.

Thinking Short & Long-Term

Education is the only true long-term solution that can also have the most immediate and long-lasting impact. Our current system needs disruption and innovation to become more effective.

When we study the historic great minds of liberty and of the American and Western Tradition, we can recognize when our Founding Principles and Constitution are misrepresented, ignored, or torn apart, and we can recogize when and how far we have drifted from the intent for this country.

Hope and solutions

We created a new and better learning experience that is versatile, engaging, and essential, and has the capacity to reach students and families across the country.

We created a course that any driven and focused student can binge. A course that homeschool families can embrace and use the variety of options and supplemental materials to fit their needs. And a live class students can attend with a great teacher in a serious learning environment that challenges students to think deeply.  

We geared the course towards high school students since they have the reading level and capacity to make connections and grasp elevated concepts.

This course is not limited to high school students. We also imagine young adults who are pursuing law degrees, or political science, or future and current history teachers or Americans who simply want to become fluent in the language of freedom so they can better decide what they believe and who they vote for.

Meet your instructor

We are defined by our actions and by what/ who we love.

I love my wife and my children. I love this country. I love reading, especially historical texts. I love serving my community (and now the country) as an educator.

I have spent decades in America's education system. First, as a student in both public and private primary and secondary schools, and while earning my bachelors in History and Masters in Education. Then, as a high school educator in a public high school, and then as an homeschool instructor for a virutal institution.

I have been determined to find a better way to teach American history: not rushed, not surface-level, and not in the manner where students are left without lasting foundational appreciation for our nation's history.

I have spent the last few years reading hundreds of historical texts, letters, and speeches. I really listened to their words and found common threads. I meticulously organized the wisdom of Montesquieu, the letters between Adams and Jefferson, and addresses from past presidents into themes and timeless principles that must not be forgotten.

Then I spent a year creating this course. Each image was carefully chosen, each slide beautifully designed, to make the words come alive. I wanted this course to be a museum of the written word, a tribute to our history, and an invaluable vessel of timeless truths, values, and principles.

This passion evolved into creating clothing and accessories to help spark conversation and spread love and patriotism in a comfortable, classy, casual and Constitutional way.

I sincerely look forward to going on this journey with you. Welcome to Preserving Freedom USA.

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