The "Language of Freedom" Course

How American students and family members learn the principles of our Founding that are vital to preserving freedom and living a good and virtuous life.

In Their Own Words

Learn about the principles that guided the creation of this nation directly from those who lived it. Curated from hundreds of different core texts and dozens of historical figures of the Western and American Tradition, this course brings to life the wisdom of the past in a way that is engaging, comprehensive, and comprehendable.

More than a civics course
Course Syllabus

23 different videos organized into a 13-lesson curriculum on the Principles from the American Founding, American Revolution, and Declaration of Independence. Explore the history, meaning, and significance of powerful "Big Ideas" such as Liberty, Equality, Consent, Tyranny, Education, Family, the Laws of Nature, and many others. 

Learning Guides

Each lesson has a downloadable, printable Guided Learning packet which includes "Words that Matter", Reading Prompts, Discussion Questions, & Writing Prompts. We also included over 100 curated yet lengthly Primary Source texts.

Museum of the Written Word

Imagery, fonts, colors, and emphasis crafted to highlight the message and to beautifully convey the meaning of each passage.

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Teacher Narration & Analysis

Sometimes their words are all that is needed. Other times a good teacher can help guide you to the insight you are looking for. This course does both. 

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Think Deeply, Discover Meaning

Freedom does not preserve itself; it starts with understanding the foundation America was built upon. Students will learn to approach modern issues through the lens of the Founding Principles.

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Free Sample Lesson

We often teach history by the actions of humans, but we rarely teach the nature of the thing itself. What is tyranny? What is its nature? What does it do to men's nature? Why does it destroy nations? These questions deserve and demand our time, attention, and thought.


Yes, this course once purchased is yours forever so you can watch at your own pace.

This curriculum is designed for ages 13-adult. Every American should know and be able to speak on our Founding Principles, yet this is not taught in our school system. The video lessons and in-depth Learning Guides make this course perfect for students and adults who want to become fluent in Freedom.

This course dives into the important values and factors considered when our country was created and is taught through the words of the men and women of that time period (primary sources). These "founding principles" were designed and intended to be everlasting, and should be used as the lens through which we evaluate modern issues. The teacher helps to give historical context to quotes, documents, and letters.

Each "Big Idea" is taught through video lessons (ranging from 10-45 minutes). These can be watched on a TV, computer, phone, or tablet. Depending on your child and your preferred role, they can do this independently, or with you. Each lesson has an optional downloadable, printable Guided Learning packet where you can choose which elements are right for your families learning journey. We also offer an option to enroll in a weekly live discussion with teacher and other students.

When you sign-up today you will have immediate access. The "Founding Principles" course will guide you through the important values and principles that were integral to the American Revolution and included in the Declaration of Independence. There is about one hour of video content per lesson for 13-lessons. The Learning Guide is optional but there is enough material to keep you very busy if you choose.

100% Yes. You did not learn this when you were in school, yet it is essential information. This is the best way (streamlined, engaging, and carefully curated) to learn about our Founding Principles and the values that shaped our Indepdence and Revolution. The media, politicians, your coworkers and friends...few know and can speak fluently about our nation's Founding Principles. But you will be able to. Plus and most importantly, spark better, deeper, and more meaningful conversations with your family on these vital topics.

Absolutely! And please do! As a former High School history teacher with a Major in history and Masters in Education this information is not taught in the vast majority of public/private/charter schools. Since its app based, you can learn anywhere (on the bus, at home, waiting for your parents after practice) and at your own pace. Binge lessons or space them out. PIck items to do from the Learning Guide or just watch the videos. Seize this opportunity to become fluent in freedom!

We expect that after this course, you will sweel with love, pride, and patriotism until you float off your chair and soar with the bald eagles, screaming fluently the language of freedom. But if for some reason you are not totally satisfied, we will refund you. USA! USA!