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America's Revolutionary Mind - Book Review
In an age where “your truth” is more important than “the truth”, where equity is prized over equality, and history itself is offensive, America’s Revolutionary Mind touches on an urgent and lost subject of the American tradition. The Declaration of Independence wasn’t just a secession document against our mother country; it was the culmination of thought, principles, and tradition that became uniquely ours. 
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What School Fails To Teach About Liberty

Statistically speaking, we know many Americans are woefully uninformed about their civic duties and rights. The tragedy of this isn’t just that Americans willingly vote to oppress themselves by more government, or that they do not know the names of the three branches of government, but that Americans are blissfully unaware of the moral basis for liberty and what that entails for each of us in order to live well and preserve liberty for ourselves and future generations. 

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